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Making Bath District a safer place to drive

Tuesday, 13th February. The Associates’ Session will follow a talk by Mary Monroe about horses on the road and why they react as they do to traffic.This is a very relevant subject in a rural area like much of that covered by BADAM.

Tuesday, 13th March.   Group Annual General Meeting. The speaker

will be Eddie Ruskin talking about his ‘End to End’ drive from Lands End

to John O’Groats in one day in June 2017.

Further details of the

AGM will be in the

February 2018

edition of


issue 170.




Bath & District Advanced Motorists Monthly group meetings are held at

St John’s Church Hall, St John’s Road, Bathwick, BATH, BA2 6PT

NEXT Group Meeting on Tuesday 13th February  7.30pm

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To find out more about the activities of the IAM and its national work to encourage safer driving, go to

Our regular observed runs will help advise and guide you through to the advanced driving test. We cover various

areas of Advanced Driving.

Bath & District Advanced Motorists

To enrol directly with the Bath group…

Please apply to the group contact – 07092-330991 for an “Information Pack” which contains all you need to apply for Associate Membership of the Group and the I.A.M.

You will be allocated to one of our trained observers with whom you can arrange observed runs in your own car/vehicle at mutually convenient times. We aim to place new associates with an observer within about 2 to 3 weeks of receipt of application, but sometimes it takes a little longer depending on your location, flexibility and progress with previous associates.

Bath and District Advanced Motorists (BADAM) is a regional group representing the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Its aim is to coach prospective advanced motorists to the IAM test standard. Our associate scheme caters for car and minibus drivers. This website aims to provide you with information about the BADAM group and its activities. If you have any questions

you can contact us via email or call 07092 330991

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Satisfaction…......become an Advanced Driver?  -    Come and join us    -    Bath & District Group Advanced  Motorists        Satisfaction…......become an Advanced Driver?  -    Come and join us    -    Bath & District Group Advanced  Motorists         Satisfaction…......become an Advanced Driver?  -    Come and join us    -    Bath & District Group Advanced  Motorists .............  Making Bath and District a safer place to drive.....     We Make better Drivers and Riders .....  

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Eddie Ruskin’s drive from Lands End  to John O’Groats on June 21st 2017

Eddie, a member of BADAM and Stroke Survivor, drove from Lands End to John O’Groats on 21st June 2017 in 24 hours to raise funds for the Bristol Area Stroke Foundation which  helped him with his recovery from two strokes and a brain haemorrhage.


IAM RoadSmart has the fellow membership

scheme which recognises and rewards your commitment to keeping your advanced skills up

to date by providing an enhanced membership tier

and additional insurance benefits and recognition.

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Bath & District Advanced Motorists

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